Beginner’s Blogging Course

BBC_fb_Ad59Are you in a home based business that you want to grow?  Do you want to share your hobby, message, or interests online?

Blogging is a necessary step to sharing your message with the world.   Blogging allows you to create a footprint on the online market that will remain forever.  A good, valuable blog helps ensure that people will find you instead of you always searching for them.

“I am really enjoying your class and have learned so much!  My website is up and running thanks to the easy steps you laid out in your course.” Stephanie Coker,

In Maria’s Beginner’s Blogging Course you will learn:

  • Why Blogging is important for your business growth and the Simple Steps to Get Your Own Personal Blog Up and Published in Less Than 6 Weeks
  • How to Be Seen as an Expert in Your Subject
  • How You Should Use Your Blog to Share Your Message and What To Talk About
  • How to Create Your First Website using WordPress
  • Step By Step Instructions on What to Include in Your First Blog and a Simple Format to Use in Every Post
  • How to Share Your Posts with Others and Drive Traffic to Your Blog
  • Why Creating an Email List From Your Website is Important and How to Get It Set Up

In addition to the above classes, you will be added to a special, closed facebook group for support and help throughout your journey!

Here’s a message from Maria encouraging you on your next steps:


ONLY $59


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If you begin the course and are not satisfied with what you are learning you can request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.


Maria is a former school administrator that now owns a successful home business teaching others about the power of plants on the body. She teaches other entrepreneurs the strategies that took her from principal to business owner so that they can be more successful in growing their life in business.

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