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Fresh Start, full faith

Today’s lesson I hope provides you inspiration. I am on the eve of my husband’s last week at working for someone else. He has been working for a cable company for the last 19 years. Prior to that he was a boat mechanic for 15, and he was in the Army for four. So for the last 38 years, he’s been working for someone else. Now most of you that know my story, about two years ago I left the school administration career that I had built for over 23 years to focus on my own business. One of the phrases that always kind of helped me go forward with is, if you’re not building something you own you’re wasting your time.

For Bernie, this was a surprise. When I came home two years ago, we already had gotten tighter on the budget so that we could actually make the bills and not have too much interruption from our very luxurious life. We were pretty well off financially because I had a good administrative salary and he has always worked, we’ve done well. We got out of debt several years ago so we had no wants or needs really that we couldn’t meet.

Two years ago when I left that salary to try to build what we are now very excited about continuing to build, it was kind of scary. Now fear can set in at a whole new level. His department at the cable company closed and about a week ago, they told him December 1st will be his last day. Most people would be very, very discouraged by that and scared, and when you have in front of you the fear of unemployment and you don’t have an income coming in that you have always counted on, there can be a fear that overtakes you.

We have an online business. We have a network marketing business. We have Rybka Family Gardens where we grow food and we share produce, and herbs, and greens with people but we’re not going to be rich off of that overnight. It takes time to build, so Bernie coming home from his job provided a long with the exciting feeling, within seconds, scared feelings of fear as well.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days and I can tell you that everything that we have done up until this point has prepared us for this moment in time. We are trusting the next years with this faith that if God has brought us to this point, He’s going to continue to take us to the next level. We have this motto, and that’s what we’re going to live on. It’s a ‘Fresh Start with full faith. Full faith in God, he knows what he’s doing with us. He has been there all along, right through all the jobs we went through. All the career changes we’ve experienced. All the beautifulness of adopting two beautiful girls from China. The emotions of not being able to have children to having the most beautiful plan worked out for us.

We know He’s there and I want to tell you today that you may be going through situations that seem unmanageable, that seem like they are impossible to get through and I want you to be encouraged that you can only hear from the Holy Spirit when you stay at peace. If I went back and reflected, every time that we actually made a decision orchange in what we were doing that moved us forward, we were at peace.

Because of that peaceful state, we heard what we were supposed to do and that’s what we’re doing now. We’re going on full faith that we can tighten up our budget even more than we have in the last few years. That the bills will get paid. The girls will still go to college and we’ll have food on the table because we’re going to build this business even bigger together than before. I know some of you reading this are experiencing a variety of situations. The message today is that you should have full faith. Full faith in what you’re doing because it’s not an overnight success that you’re business will grow but the only way to guarantee it won’t be a success is to give up.

It’s everything that you’ve done up until this moment that creates the momentum for the next moment. Don’t discount that. If you continue to put in the hard work and continue to have the vision of where you want to be, the real vision in your mind of what you want five years from now, then work at getting there and have full faith that you can. Your business will grow. I hope that you understand that even in the midst of challenges, if you have full faith that everything you’ve done up until this point is going to lead you to where you need to be in the next few years, you can accomplish anything. ¬†Hopefully as Bernie and I adjust to working together full time, we’ll have a lot of lessons to share because working with your spouse is a lot different than working by yourself ūüôā


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Maria is a former school administrator that now owns a successful home business teaching others about the power of plants on the body. She teaches other entrepreneurs the strategies that took her from principal to business owner so that they can be more successful in growing their life in business.

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