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Increasing Monthly Page Views to Your Website

Taking your business online through a website is a no brainer if you want to be successful and appear like you know what you are doing.  People go to the internet to learn more about your business and if you do not have an online presence they will find someone else that does to provide the service or product that they need.

Blogging  is a way to not online have a website for presence but to become an authority to others in your business.  Use a blog to teach people what you know and allow them to get to know you before they make a decision to work with you.  I have two blogs currently, which is a lot of work but I love sharing with others and helping them on their health and business journeys.  On my simplymoreplants.com blog, my husband and I encourage people to love more plants by learning, eating, and growing more plants.   We do this by providing health benefits, recipes, and inspiration to grow your own food.  On mariarybka.com I try to document the journey that we are on in business as it has changed over the years.  I love to learn and have always felt that I could take information and make it simple so I use the blog you are reading now to help others grow their life in business.

Setting up the website and blog is easy.  If you haven’t done one for yourself yet, you can be up and running in no time with my Beginner’s Blogging Course.  I walk you through everything to get started and provide continued online support along the way.

Once you have your beautiful website that you think the whole world would want to read, then you have to get it out there.  You must use some tricks to make sure your blog gets seen by others.  It’s not the typical, hand out cards in town approach.  It’s an online approach that brings your business to this century.

First, narrow your blog’s focus.  Think about what you love to write about and what people will like to read and stay focused on that.  If people come to appreciate that you are an expert in a particular area they will turn to your blog more often for the answers to their questions.  An expert is someone that has spent time learning more about a topic and can talk about it in depth with others that don’t know as much so is there something you know more about and love to talk about?  Blog about it!

Second, when you write a blog post share it to facebook.  You can share to your personal profile or a business page.  You want to share what you have created so don’t be scared to do so.  The people that are interested in your topic will click on your post and those are the ideal clients you want anyway.

Another great way in facebook to share your posts is to be involved in groups that have similar interests to your topic.  Engage in the groups answering questions and commenting and liking.  Then when the opportunity arises, share a blog post that helps someone else.

Make sure when creating a blog post that your featured image is shareable.  The image size that shares nicely on Facebook is 1200 by 628.  I use a website called canva.com to help create an image that will be eye catching and shareable.

You can also link posts from the past that you have written to help someone spend more time on your blog.  For example, check out this post I wrote awhile back about out teaching your competition.

Remember what used to be done in months and years in SEO can be done in weeks on social media so learn the different platforms available and then use them consistently to share your content.

To learn a few more tips that I use to increase my page views watch the episode I did with my Beginning Blogging Students:


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Maria is a former school administrator that now owns a successful home business teaching others about the power of plants on the body. She teaches other entrepreneurs the strategies that took her from principal to business owner so that they can be more successful in growing their life in business.

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