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adobe-spark-17-copyThis list of notes was compiled as a gift to those that asked for it. Attending live conferences can sometimes be a struggle. Travel costs and home situations can prevent us from being present with people that can make a difference in our world. As a member this past year in the Top Earner Club, I was able to learn from many amazing people that have crushed it in business. Whatever crushing means to you, you can make it happen with a few tweaks to mindset, strategy, and implementation. These notes have a little of all of that in it. There is no specific order but a bulleted list from three days of learning.  I thought these were nuggets of wisdom in growing your life in business and I had to share. Over the next few months I will take these nuggets and turn them into mini lessons to help you on your journey. You can sign up for those free mini lessons at mariarybka.com/minilessons.

*Develop You and You Can Do Anything Because of Who You Are

*Stories Sell, but Strategies Make the Stories Get Told

*Say Less to More People

*Use the Linkedin Search Bar to find Customers

*Ask for the Sale!

*Practice a Mantra before becoming who you want to be ex. “I am a leader in my field.  I will be able to share with them and they will love hearing what I say.”

*Videos make you look like a higher authority and help people trust you, use video to promote your business

*If you don’t get to the level as a person that you are earning, then your earning will come back down to where you are as a person

*Don’t pull your past forward

*Create tools to share your business so it is duplicatable

*Work with the willing, only 20% will really work

*Don’t focus on perfection, Would you rather say, “I am smart.” or “I is a millionaire?”

*Be urgent, focused, and consistent

*Popcorn will not pop if you keep opening and closing the door.  Put your business on high and give it the consistent heat it needs to pop

*Pain pushes you until a vision pulls you

*The Wright Brothers took 5 extra parts with them each time they went out because they knew they would crash.  How many times do you not go out because you don’t want to fail?

*You don’t have to live in an OR world.  You can have health, family, AND money

*To not tap into your greatness, so you can impact others in the way you are suppose to, is selfish

*Offer convenience to people

I could go on and on, learning from this weekend deepened a lot of what I had already been working on!  I encourage you to get to events where there are like minded people and excellence that can inspire and help you build your skills.  Regardless of the business you are in, in order to move to growth in life and business you must have a vision of where you are going and the tools to get there.


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Maria is a former school administrator that now owns a successful home business teaching others about the power of plants on the body. She teaches other entrepreneurs the strategies that took her from principal to business owner so that they can be more successful in growing their life in business.

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