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Out Teach Others

Do you ever wonder if you are just a little fish in a big pond when trying to teach about your information or your business?  That’s definitely how I felt and I learned that we really are just little fishes in a big pond!  There are thousands, if not millions of people trying to share the same information I am.

Fortunately there is a way to set yourself apart from others.   The key to really making a dent in the information you have to share is out teaching others in your area of knowledge.  If you sell vacuums, out teach about vacuums.  If you sell water bottles, out teach about water and bottles.  If we share what we know consistently and in a way that brings value to others,  people will be attracted to learn more from you.

You can teach through a blog or any social media platform that you are using. Provide value consistently and you will dominate your field with enough people to grow a strong business.  You will be looked at as the expert in that field and that’s the key, making sure that people look to you for answers when they have a need.   When they see enough value from you and enough helpful information that’s been given free from you, they will turn to you when they have questions. They will turn to you when they want what you have to offer.  So be the teacher and out teach others in your business niche and you will attract the people that you should work with.

IMG_1708Maria Rybka

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Maria is a former school administrator that now owns a successful home business teaching others about the power of plants on the body. She teaches other entrepreneurs the strategies that took her from principal to business owner so that they can be more successful in growing their life in business.

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